Mckinley original school house McKinley Elementary School was founded in 1912 in Petaluma, CA.  After 100 years of educating students, the staff at McKinley is even more committed and resolved to ensure that all students receive an excellent education through high expectations, a rigorous curriculum linked to the Common Core State Standards, and a relentless focus on educating the whole child and preparing our students for the 21st Century.

McKinley serves a total of 230 students in Transitional Kindergarten, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, as well as a Special Day Class.  McKinley is also proud to provide the District Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program for 4th – 6th grade.  McKinley has fifteen regular education teachers on campus.  McKinley also has two resource specialist teachers, a speech and language specialist, a bilingual resource teacher, a reading specialist, three band and chorus teachers, a school counselor and intern, a school psychologist, a library coordinator, a CAFF garden coordinator, and a Spanish-language teacher.  Additionally, McKinley’s principal and other support staff members help make McKinley an outstanding place to go to school.

1904129_624745484246173_1236141792_nMcKinley parents receive weekly updates about school activities and student progress through our system of Wednesday folders.  In addition, parents receive a weekly recorded phone message from the principal.  McKinley publishes a monthly school newsletter and all teachers send home weekly classroom updates.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in family nights, student of the month and character trait assemblies, the Great Winter Reading Challenge, classroom activities, Outdoor Education Camp, and special school-wide events such as our Fiesta McKinley, Salsa Festival, School Barbecues, Winter Bazaar, Track and Field Day, etc.

1796102_631135453607176_218001384_oMcKinley has become a one-to-one device school which is very important in our technologically-driven society.  All fourth and fifth-grade students have a 1:1, dedicated iPad and all sixth-grade students have a 1:1, dedicated Google Chromebook.  McKinley teachers use these iPads and Chromebooks in new and innovative ways to ensure mastery of 21st-century skills and the newly adopted Common Core State Standards.

McKinley offers a learning center model for all students who struggle with particular concepts.  Ever-changing intervention groups and dedicated intervention time give students the opportunity to receive the small-group attention they need to master difficult concepts.  The learning center supports students in both general education and in special education.

10294432_647394978647890_2350587142782625521_nMcKinley’s PTA and the local community are active in supporting school-wide fundraisers, events, maintaining our school garden, and decorating McKinley for annual and special events.  McKinley is also fortunate to have many community-based support groups such as the Petaluma Educational Foundation, the Petaluma Rotary Club, Mentor-Me Petaluma, Girls on the Run, and school-based, after-school enrichment clubs (e.g. Aviation Club, Chess Club, Garden Club, Homework Club, etc.).  Also, the Petaluma Boys and Girls Club provides a quality and affordable, after‐school program from dismissal until 6:00 PM daily.